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Welcome to Palmer Wines & Restaurant

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Established in 1977, the Palmer Winery & Restaurant is one of the pioneer vineyards of Margaret River. From humble beginnings to being the proud owners of over 50 national and international wine awards Palmer winery has come a long way.

Winemaker Mark Warren, oversees the vineyards selection, which prominently features chardonnay, semillon, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, malbec, cabernet franc and merlot .

But wine alone, isn’t Palmers only claim to fame. Their Tuscan-style restaurant, which is designed also for alfresco dining, is one of the most eye-catching eating establishments in the Margaret River wine region.

Our Chef Ross Tyre selects only the best, produce to bring to life his carefully designed, exquisite menu. Sourced from produce grown or caught in the South West as well as from West Australia’s finest suppliers.
When combined with our award winning wines, a visit to Palmer Wines Restaurant is an experience not to be missed.

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Great Reviews in Halliday’s Wine Companion

Our wines have featured strongly again in James Halliday’s 2018 Wine Companion. Our 2015 Purebred Chardonnay by Clive Otto and the Purebred Cabernet Merlot by Bruce Dukes both were awarded 96 points. In addition to this, eight wines were awarded 95 points, three wines 94 points, one wine 93 points and three were awarded 91 points.

We are extremely proud of our wine makers, Mark Warren, Clive Otto and Bruce Dukes and the Team for producing such excellent wines for everyone to enjoy.

We invite you to visit our Cellar Door for tastings of these award winning wines, open daily form 10 am to 5 pm.

For any queries or question please contact the Cellar Door on (08) 9756 7024.

Rob Broadfield review

Rob Broadfield review: Some of the smartest, tastiest, banging-est mod-Asian

Palmer Wines

Score: 15/20

Being late to the party is not a good look, particularly in journalism. It’s not such a bad thing in restaurant reviews but two or three years late? Note to self: must pay more attention to readers’ tips.

For some time we’ve been hearing about Palmer Wines in Dunsborough. People were talking. But it failed to get our juices flowing.

The talk persisted and still we didn’t go. Punters who know a thing or two about the food and wine caper kept messaging us, saying all manner of positive things about Palmer Wines’ dining room.

Which, as it turns out, was all true. If you like Apple Daily or, further afield, Chin Chin or Longrain, you’ll love Palmer. Its mod-Asian plates are just how you want your casual, Aussie-Asian, banging-flavoured, modern share plates.

Fast forward to a wet, windy winter afternoon last week and there we were in a faux Tuscan building, sitting on teak deckchairs looking over an ornamental lake with sculptures in it. One was of giant clasped limestone hands rising from a garden bed.

Let’s talk about the scent of an Asian restaurant. There are Asian restaurants one walks into, where the smells are immediately recognisable as authentic. The scent of roasted belacan, the lingering aromatics of fresh Asian herbs; the spicy sugary aroma of an Asian marinade and the unmistakable scent of black vinegar and fish sauce. Lesser Asian restaurants — where pastes and marinades and sauces come out of a bag — don’t smell much at all and when they do, the smell is muted and muddy.

Palmer smells like the real deal. We were champing at the bit from the moment we walked into the place.

Grilled tiger prawns with son-in-law egg, asparagus and chilli jam, $22, delivered on the sweet, sour, chilli, salty vibe with considerable aplomb. It’s easy to bang these four elements of South-East Asian cooking together in a dish, it’s not so easy to get good balance. The Palmer kitchen nailed it. Plating is a little uninspiring — a geometrical stack of short cut asparagus left us with thought bubbles full of question marks above our head — but the flavour, texture and sheer fine cookery was the business. The son-in-law egg was whole, boiled runny, then deep-fried in crumb and anointed with spiky Asian flavours. It oozed perfectly. Scattered herbs were fresh and punchy.

Slow-roasted sticky duck with spring onion pancake, pickled vegetables and hoisin sauce, $21, was a vibrant, assertive plate of flavours from the sticky richness of the shredded duck to the lively, crunchy notes of a spanking fresh julienne of pickled carrots and daikon.

The pancakes were the right thickness — not crepe thin nor breakfast-pancake thick, but a spot-on measurement between the two which, as it turns out, is the perfect thickness to wrap shredded, moist duck meat in without the parcel falling apart. The batter was embedded with chopped green onion. The entire package delivered flavour you don’t forget in a hurry, flavour that makes you happy.

Balinese betutu duck, $39, is the dish we were told time and again to have. Great advice. There’s a particular Balinese herb which is often used in the Balinese festival suckling pig dish babi guling. It is a dried leaf called daun salam. The flavour is unique and immediately recognisable as a Bali thing. Palmer’s betutu duck had the same flavour. Was it the flavour of daun salam? Couldn’t be 100 per cent certain but the flavour was Balinese to its bootstraps. Spot-on, intelligent and lovely dish. Chef Coby Cockburn put a lot of work into getting this dish right. It showed.

Smoked pork belly with Hawker rice, $38, was almost faultless. No matter the cuisine or flavours, there’s two things all successful pork belly dishes should share: crispy, crunchy, salty, blistered crackling and soft, juicy, sweet, pull-apart flesh. And so it was. The best end of the belly had been rolled and slow cooked before being slammed with fire to set the crackle. The flavours were, again, explosive — somehow bold and assertive and, at the same time, subtle. It delivered on the promise of those food smells we swooned over when we first walked in the door. Flavours of coriander and peanuts provided depth. A cube of compressed “Hawker’s” rice was an unusual, clever garnish.

Rob Broadfield and Manu Feildel say using cheaper cuts of meat and winter root vegetables creates something that will warm the home and the heart.

A side of roasted butternut pumpkin, $12, was all blister, dark bits and soft-as-butter flesh. It was smeared with wasabi butter. Plate-lickable.

Palmer was a surprise. We anticipated the pasta/steak/Atlantic salmon trifecta one expects of these sorts of winery restaurants. Instead we were served some of the smartest, tastiest, banging-est mod-Asian we’ve eaten in a long time.

Palmer Wines: 1271 Caves Road, Dunsborough 9756 7034,

Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 (UK)

Exciting News:

Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 (UK) has awarded Palmer Wines the following medals:

GOLD – Palmer Purebred Cabernet Merlot 2014

SILVER – Palmer Cabernets Grandee Reserve 2014

Both these wines were handcrafted by the very talented Winemaker, Bruce Dukes.


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Palmers Restaurant & Cellar Door Dunsborough make your day perfect with the Best the South West has to offer with Palmers Restaurant and Cellar Door Dunsborough. We offer a recipe for perfection, combining an unparalleled variety of our award winning wines with the best produce the South West has to offer, all mixed with the best of Service.

Palmers Restaurant and Cellar Door Dunsborough is located just three kilometres from Dunsborough in a beautifully landscaped winery setting.

Each of our new and exciting venues, has the flexibility to offer you a unique and memorable experience on your special day.

Our award winning Executive Chef Coby Cockburn has the ability and flexibility to design a menu specifically for your taste and style. Ordering direct from the farm and boat means you get the best and the freshest ingredients available.

With one of the largest ranges of wine varieties and vintages available in the south west we are also sure to match the perfect wine to the perfect day.

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The Palmer Wines cellar door is located just before the entrance to Dunsborough at 1271 Caves Road, Dunsborough. Just turn left past the vines as you enter Palmer’s driveway.

Open 5 Days, Thursday to Monday from 10am.  Free tastings. Wine available by the glass so that you can sit on our verandah and enjoy the serene surrounds.

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